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Sylvac Plastiform Dough Product (SRD)

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SPESIFIKASI Sylvac Plastiform Dough Product (SRD)

Sylvac Plastiform Dough Product (SRD) Dimensions:

Sylvac Plastiform Dough Product (SRD) dimensions


Sylvac Plastiform Dough Product (SRD) Ordering Guide:

 Cartridges 50ml 928.2109 928.2113 928.2111 928.2110 928.2114 928.2112
 Type SRC3 SRC8 Ra SRC10 SRC3 SRC8 Ra SRC10
 Description 2 Cartridges 50ml + 12 Standard Nozzles + 3 Tips 8 Cartridges 50ml + 48 Standard Nozzles + 6 Tips
 Final consistency Flexible Semi-Rigid Rigid Rigid Semi-Rigid Rigid
 Cut with cutter? X X x X
 Removal constraint 20% 0% 0% 20% 0% 0%


 Boxes 900ml 928.7003 928.7005 928.7007 928.9001
 Description Pack of boxes 900ml (2x450ml)
 Final consistency Semi-Flexible Semi-Flexible Rigid Semi-Flexible
 Cut with cutter? X
 Removal constraint 5% 5% 0% 5%





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Sylvac Plastiform Dough Product (SRD) is a silicon based replicating material, used to create high precision impressions for quality control and non-destructive dimensional control. PLASTIFORM® is made up of two components that solidify upon contact in a 1:1 ratio in volume. With a «modeling clay» consistency, the sylvac Plastiform Dough Product (SRD) is mixed and applied by hand, to create external or internal sectorial impressions.


Sylvac Plastiform Dough Product (SRD) Features:

•  Dough (SRD) products for the control of external simple and complex

forms such as T-slotes, grooves and notches (depends on model)

• Easy to use

• The impression can be easily measured by an measurement instrument

• Possibility of slicing the impression with the Twin Blade Cutter for profile measurement (depends on model)

• Control of roughness Ra (depends on model)

• Possibility of creating custom protection for masking, protection and seal of parts (depends on model)


Sylvac Platform Dough Product (SRD) applications