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Sylvac Digital Feeler Gage

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Sylvac is proud to present a sophisticated and unique Sylvac Digital Feeler Gauge (TC1 tolerance class according to DIN2275) to measure distances and gaps in objects precisely. Unlike other gauge feelers, Sylvac Digital Feeler Gauge works digitally, equipped with digital screen to facilitate reading the measurement scale. This feeler gauge is also equipped with integrated Bluetooth® Wireless technology. So that the data obtained can be directly transferred to your computer or gadget. The Sylvac's newest gauges consist of a number of small lengths of steel leaves with different thicknesses and measurements marked on each piece. 





  • For gap measurement and setting with data transmission

  • Thickness: 0.05...1.00mm, 0.04...1.00mm ou 0.0015...0.0300inch

  • First Sylvac instrument with HID technology

  • Versions with 19 or 20 gauges (according to model)

  • Alignment of feelers in one crimp between the thumb and index finger

  • Calculation and display of the stacking value of several gauges

  • Instrument with a modern design that is easy to use

Benefit :

  • Measure gap widths between two flat surfaces

  • Unit (mm/inch) & Bluetooth® HID profile

SPESIFIKASI Sylvac Digital Feeler Gage

Sylvac 921.0100 Feeler Gage Smart Dimension Guide:


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