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Sylvac Digital Dial Indicator Gauge S_Dial Work Basic

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SPESIFIKASI Sylvac Digital Dial Indicator Gauge S_Dial Work Basic


Sylvac Dial Gauge S_Dial WORK BASIC Dimensions:

Sylvac Dial Gauge S_Dial Work BASIC dimensions


Sylvac Dial Gauge S_Dial WORK BASIC Ordering Guide:

    805.1201 805.1301 805.1401 805.1501 805.1601 805.1621
 Measuring range  mm 12.5 12.5 25 25 50 50
 Resolution  mm 0.01 0.001 0.01 0.001 0.01 0.001
 Max error fe  µm 10 1) 4 10 1) 5 20 1) 7
 Repeatability  µm 2
 A  mm 56.7 69.4 121
 B  mm 66.1 79 142
 C  mm 36.6 49.4 88
 Model type 2) S
 S_Connect: Proximity / Power USB / RS232 / Wireless 3)
 Programmable by PC
 Standard functions (customized by PC) mm/inch, preset (max 999.999), direction of measurement

1) ± 1 digit
2) S = Standard
3) Sylvac cables. See accessories category




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Sylvac Dial Gauge S_Dial WORK BASIC is engineered with a digital display and repeatabilty up to 2µm so that the presence, or exact quantity, of some small distance can be conveniently realized (for example, a small height difference between two flat surfaces, a slight lack of concentricity between two cylinders, or other small physical deviations). 

Sylvac Dial Gauge S_Dial WORK BASIC has many advantages over their analog predecessors. The durable enclosure itself is made with simlar construct as to IP67 certified dial gauges. Furthermore, a flash memory card slot enables data measured to be stored internally in a tabular dataset (such as a database table or spreadsheet) for easy statistical data analysis.You can also use this device for improvised gaging rig with Sylvac's gaging multiplexer software. The latest bluetooth transfer technology also allows your operator to measure  and timely send the measurement data with a click of a button directly to any devices such as PC, printers and smartphones.


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