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Sylvac Digital Caliper S_Cal ONE

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SPESIFIKASI Sylvac Digital Caliper S_Cal ONE

Sylvac Digital Caliper S_Cal ONE


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Made with Swiss precision the 0-150mm Sylvac S_Cal One Workshop Caliper has simple and intuitive functions, and a large display with 9.6mm digits, with a round depth rod. Sylvac Digital Caliper S_Cal ONE is a basic digital caliper devised for measuring distance with high precision adheres to DIN 862. This ergonomic digital caliper comprise a calibrated scale with a fixed jaw, and a pointer jaw, that slides along the lightweight vernier scale. You can easily interpolate with constant force and read the measurement faster by 2 m/sec. The vernier body itself is made of stainless steel frame with grey enamel finish comparable to premium line of sylvac caliper for protection against corrosion and scratch.

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