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Sylvac Digital Caliper with Bluetooth

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SPESIFIKASI Sylvac Digital Caliper with Bluetooth

Sylvac Digital Bluetooth Caliper S_Cal EVO SMART Dimensions:

Sylvac Digital Bluetooth Caliper Dimensions


Sylvac Digital Bluetooth Caliper S_Cal EVO SMART Ordering Guide:

    810.1506 810.1516 810.1526 810.1536
Measuring range mm 150 150 200 300
Max. Error G µm 20 20 20 20
A µm 234.5 234.5 290.5 388
B µm 40 40 50 64
C N 11 11 14 14
D kg 16 16 19 19
E mm 16 x 3.5 16 x 3.5 16 x 3.5 16 x 4
Depth rod  mm — 4 x 1.4 Ø 1.5 — 4 x 1.4 -
Protection rating according to IEC 60529 IP67
Output data Bluetooth® wireless technology
Functions Zero setting, Preset (max 999.99), mm/inch, Hold, Data
 Smart Inductive Sensor

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About the Product

The Sylvac S_Cal EVO SMART is a digital caliper that is integrated with Bluetooth® for smart data transmission. This is a high-quality ergonomic caliper with IP67 certification, making it safe for use in harsh working environments with direct contact to coolant, oil, water, and chemicals. The digital caliper is designed with 3.5 mm thick hardened and ground stainless steel frame. It comes equipped with a new extra-large display and programmable button to customize functions. 

The Sylvac digital Bluetooth caliper comes in a variety of models:

Digital Bluetooth Caliper Features



Bluetooth Caliper iPad


What Makes This Digital Bluetooth Caliper Better?

There are several features that make the Sylvac Bluetooth caliper better. Read on as we highlight them below.

Integrated Bluetooth

Integrated Bluetooth

The wireless Bluetooth® transmitter is fixed on the electronic chart of the digital caliper and no further accessory is required. The Sylvac instrument with Bluetooth® Wireless technology that you receive is ready to be connected. Most of the other competitors offer wireless solutions that require additional accessories and auxiliary devices. These additional external elements to be acquired can often be fragile and costly.


Low Power Consumption

Sylvac’s technological achievement was to offer a solution with energy-efficient Bluetooth® Wireless technology so that the instruments powered by a standard lithium battery could remain connected and used for several weeks, even several months. This is achieved thanks to the Sylvac patented measurement system (Sylvac System) which only needs minimal energy. Feel free to ask us for an estimate of the battery service life of your instrument taking your specific usage conditions into account.


Duplex Transmission

Duplex Transmission

Sylvac instruments are currently the only instruments able to communicate bi-directionally by Bluetooth® Wireless technology with the peripheral to which they are connected. This means that they can both send values and information and receive and interpret them. The best example of this is the transmission from the computer of a zero-reset command for the instrument. This ensures the synchronization of the value displayed on the instrument and on the peripheral device to limit the risks of error.


Bluetooth Profiles

As Sylvac braces with the times to meet the needs of today's market, the Bluetooth digital calipers are equipped with 3 different connection profiles of Wireless Bluetooth® Technology communication. It makes this digital caliper IoT ready. Read on below to find out how the different Bluetooth profiles integrated in the digital caliper can help you in your quality control tasks.


Simple Profile

Bluetooth Profile Simple

When in the simple profile mode, we can connect the Bluetooth caliper to several devices, but only one active connection. The measuring instrument selects its connection on a first come, first serve basis. This solution is best suited when different people share the same digital Bluetooth caliper, which has to be connected to several devices. We recommend that you avoid pairing manipulations at each device change. The bluetooth digital caliper can be connected to several Sylvac instruments via the Bluetooth dongle (max. 8 instruments/dongle).


Paired Profile

Bluetooth Profile Paired

In the paired profile, the digital Bluetooth caliper and other Sylvac Bluetooth instruments can be connected and locked (paired) to a specific device. This will enable you to have a lot of control stations side by side in a small area. This solution is best suited when you have a fixed control station. The benefit of being in this profile prevents the caliper from connecting to the wrong device. However, in this profile, the device-instrument link has to be reset when you need to connect to another device. In this Bluetooth profile, it is also possible for you to connect the digital caliper together with other Sylvac Bluetooth instruments when used with the Sylvac Bluetooth dongle (max. 8 instruments/dongle). 


HID Profile

Bluetooth Profile HID

In the HID Bluetooth profile, the measuring instrument can be connected only to one specific device. However, the device can accept multiple input devices (keyboards, bar code reader, etc.). In this profile, the digital Bluetooth caliper will emulate keyboard actions. The instrument can write and send data to any software/device without any further settings. You do need to take no that in this profile the device-instrument link has to be reset to connect to another device. In this profile, you can connect the measuring instrument directly to the device, without the need of an additional Sylvac Bluetooth dongle.

LFC is the exclusive distributor for Sylvac in Singapore and Indonesia. Contact us for a demonstration and find out how the Bluetooth digital caliper can help you with your quality control tasks.