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Sisma Laser Welding SWT 150 Series

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SPESIFIKASI Sisma Laser Welding SWT 150 Series

 Sisma SWA manual welding laser application & set up:


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Technical Data SWT100 SWT150 SWT150F* SWT300F* SWT450F*
Source type - Tipo di sorgente Nd:YAG (flash lamp) Nd:YAG (flash lamp) Fiber Laser Fiber Laser Fiber Laser
Wavelength - Lunghezza d’onda 1064 nm 1064 nm 1070 nm 1070 nm 1070 nm
Average laser power - Potenza media laser 100 W 150 W 150 W 300 W 450 W
Max peak power - Potenza picco max 7,5 kW 10,5 kW 1,5 kW 3,0 kW 4 ,5 kW
Max pulse energy - Energia impulso max 60 J 75 J 15 J 30 J 45 J
Pulse duration - Durata impulso 0,2 ms - 20 ms 0 ,2 ms - 20 ms 0,2 ms - 10 ms 0,2 ms - 10 ms 0 ,2 ms - 10 ms
Continuous Continuous Continuous
Laser spot diameter - Diametro spot laser 0,3 - 2 mm
X-Y axes stroke - corsa assi X-Y 300 x 200 mm
Z axis stroke - corsa asse Z 320 mm
Axes speed - velocità assi 0,1 - 25 mm/s
Max load weight - Carico massimo 70 kg
Max mould size - Dimensione max stampo 400 x 400 mm
Dimensions - Dimensioni 85 x 120 x h150 cm
Weight - Peso 530 kg (cl. 4)
560 kg (cl. 1)
1F 230V±10% 3F 380V±10% 1F 230V±10% 1F 230V±10% 1F 230V±10%  
Power supply - Alimentazione          
50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50 /60 Hz  


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Sisma Laser Welding SWT is designed for the maintenance of small/medium-sized moulds of simpler stationary. The efficient laser welding machine is offered with Class I and Class IV laser systems which are intended for welding and moulds maintenance with and without filler material. You can easily set up adjustments height of the optic head on motorized function. For intricate and tilting operation, you can also utilize XYZ magnetic locking vise with sufficient level of operator's craftmanship. Laser parameters can be managed through intuitive touch screen that allows the control of the waveform, the diameter of welding and spindle rotation. 

Sisma Laser Welding SWT 150 is intended to bring your company towards higher level of precision at much affordable cost. Sisma SWA manual welding laser works by utilizing Fiber Ytterbium (Yag) laser beam which emit light with a wavelength of 1064µm (10x smaller diameter compared to Co2 marking laser). Compared to regular Co2 laser machine, Sisma's YAG laser technology produce world's highest accuracy which comes without the need for regular head source maintenance, optical replacement, mixed gas (argon & C02), Co2 nozzle consumables, preassure gauges and excessive fire retardant kit which must be maintained and replaced miticulously. Sisma's laser efficiency will not only save your operating cost but also provide much safer working environment too.

The renewed Laser Source in terms of both power and stability, even at low powers, expanded user-friendly programming of pulse shapes, fully integrated cooling. The mechanical part, microscope as well as the software are supplied as a standard to ensure that each element is functional for the final application. Sisma know-how together with electronic design techniques guarantee pump system reliability and long lasting duration of lamp. However if you are looking for more versatile machine with rotable laser head and joystick operation, you might also wants to consider Sisma Laser Welding SWA series.


Sisma Laser Welding SWT 150 Features: