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Sisma Laser Metal Fusion MYSINT100

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SPESIFIKASI Sisma Laser Metal Fusion MYSINT100

isma MYSINT100, 3D Laser on Metal Printing Ordering Guide:

Effective cylinder volume dia. 100 x 100 mm
Max output power 150 W
Laser spot diametre 50 чm
Layer thickness 10 чm
Power supply 230 V - 50/60 Hz
Max. power absorbed 1000 VA
Inert gas supply nitrogen, argon
Protection gas consumption <0,3 l/min
Noise  -
Building speed rate 5 cm 3/h (stainless steel))
Materials bronze, cobalt/chromium, stainless steel, 
Machine dimensions 1390x760x1600 mm (WxLxH)
Net weight 650 Kg

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3D scanner machine and 3D design, MYSINT100 are capable of printing the exact workpiece from any metal powder or alloy, even enabling the creation of workpiece with moving parts and mechanisms at instant.
  • Due to its trabecular structure, workpiece created with Sisma MYSINT100 is lightweight and exemplary robust even though using less precious metal.
  • Reuse of residual metal powder which remains unused during the Laser Metal Fusion process can be recovered for future use.
  • Overcomes geographical limits as the CAD file can be drafted anywhere in the world simply by mailing it or remotely operating the machine's.
  • No mould/casting maintenance, no tools to replace compared with conventional techniques. The LMF process does not involve any tools subject to wear and replacement, thus adds efficiency on energy consumption, storage cost and low environmental impact.
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