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Shimpo Vertical Force Gauge Test Stands FGS-50H

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SPESIFIKASI Shimpo Vertical Force Gauge Test Stands FGS-50H

Shimpo Vertical Force Gauge Test Stands FGS-50H Dimensional:

Shimpo Vertical Force Gauge Test Stands FGS-50H Ordering Guide:

Capacity 100 lbs, 50 kg, 500 N
Stroke 5.9" (150 mm)
Travel Rate 3 mm/wheel turn (approximately)
Dimensions Refer to dimensions above
Weight approx. 33 lb (15 kg)
Compatible Gauges FGP, FGV-X
*Note Optional Distance Meter Max Sampling Rate Output - 2 Samples Per Second

Notes: Digital force gauge is sold separately

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Shimpo Vertical Force Gauge Test Stands FGS-50H is devised for precision testing of pull and push gauging within a manually adjusted crank combination on various application of force gauging unit. You can also have a user selectable high and low force set points with loads up to 500 N which can be measured with this force gauge stand. The steel construction of its monocoque frame allows for constant linear motion and improvised attachment of force gauge to perform a precision reliability and versatility needed for multitude of applications such as testing latching strenght for velcro, stickers tore, adhesive quality of fabric hook, zippers and loop fasteners.

Your investment on Shimpo Vertical Force Gauge Test Stands FGS-50H, will allow you to have two modes of operation, single or continuous cycling allow for a single precise test or repetitive, consistent results and can be used on any bench work. This practical stand is highly regarded for both tension and compression testing as the height can be adjusted to 6 levels in increments of 30 mm. With a compact and lightweight design (15 kg). Applicable force measurement may includes quality of adhesives or tapes, packaging, tore and compressed leak of food container, sticker, door latch, quality of spring, wire testing, fibres, malleable strength of more complicated tests can also be performed like peeling, friction, texture. complimentary testing for shore test of consumer products and many more.


Shimpo Vertical Force Gauge Test Stands FGS-50H Features: