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Ojiyas Snap Gauges

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Snap Gauges

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Ojiyas Snap Gauges is a GO and NO-GO gauge for inspection of external diameters. Ojiyas' precision snap gauges come with fixed measurement aperture (gap). This is used to quickly verify whether an outside dimension of a part or workpiece matches a preset dimension or falls within the standardized tolerances. The surfaces. end which defines the edges of the aperture are intended for wear resistance.


Ojiyas snap gauges are available in assorted sizes of C-type, single-ended, double-ended. These snap gauges are affordable and crafted with polished finish to provide lesser friction for Go/No-Go testing. This test is often arranged such that a part being measured can pass through the two apertures in sequence; a part that is within tolerance will pass through the first maximum size limit aperture but will not be able to pass through the minimum size limit aperture. You can also use these gauges as a basic precision comparator, you do need to ensure that the surface of its anvils is safe from wear and tear.


Ojiyas Snap Gauges Features:




Precision Finishing

Ojiyas (Ojiya Seiki Co., Ltd.) manufactures high quality thread gauge, measuring gauges and various inspection jigs. The company pursues a high level of precision manufacturing technologies and measurements to produce high quality products. Ojiyas products are widely used in various industries – automotive, aerospace, bicycle etc.

Heat Treatment

Ojiyas gauges undergo heat treatment to attain maximum hardness and increase its resistance to corrosion.

Sub-Zero Treatment

Sub-zero treatment of gauges changes the phase structure and improves the gauge’s quality and performance. Ojiyas gauges undergoes professional sub-zero treatment for better wear resistance & dimensional stability.


You can find out more about the complete Ojiyas range of products by viewing the Ojiyas Catalog on our support page. LFC is the authorized distributor for Ojiyas in Singapore and Indonesia. Contact us if you wish to discuss your gauging applications further.