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Moore & Wright Combination Set MW521-01

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SPESIFIKASI Moore & Wright Combination Set MW521-01

Moore & Wright Combination Set MW521-01

Code No.DescriptionRange
MW521-01 4 items in set 180°



Moore & Wright Combination Set 521 Series Application includes:

  • Measuring angles — A combination square can reliably measure 90° and 45° angles. The 45° angle is used commonly in creating miter joints.
  • Determining flatness — When working with wood the first step is to designate a reference surface on a board which is known as the face side. The rest of the workpiece is measured from the face side
  • Measuring the center of a circular bar or dowel. The rule is assembled through the center of the center square, the two cast iron legs of the center square are then placed against the outside of the bar (dowel) allowing a center line to be scribed alongside the ruler. Perform this action at two locations and the intersecting lines will approximate the center of the bar (dowel).
  • Protractor head allows angles to be set and measured between the base and ruler.
  • A rudimentary level for approximating level surfaces is incorporated in the protractor and also the 45° holder.
  • By moving and setting the head, it can be used as a depth gauge or to transfer dimensions.
  • Marking the work surface; with the included Scribe Point stored in a drilled hole in the Square Base.
  • It is used to find the center of the round jobs.
  • for measuring angles.


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Moore & Wright Combination Set 521 Series is a tool used for multiple purposes in fibercrafting, woodworking, stonemasonry and metalworking. Moore & Wright Combination Set MW521-01 is ruggedly composed of a ruled blade and three interchangeable heads at affordable price. For more compherensive square set, you can opt for Moore & Wright Traditional Precision Combination Set - CSM300.


Moore & Wright Combination Set MW521-01 Features:
• Three measuring heads are attached to the stainless steel ruler, allowing versatile measurements on various types of work pieces
• Square head, protractor head and centre head
• For various measuring and marking applications
• Hardened and ground slide ways
• Stainless steel rule with engraved graduations; one side metric, one side imperial