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Mass Flow Tester CETATEST 615

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Mass Flow Tester CETATEST 615 Ordering Guide:

Operating methods One channel operation
Signal processing  Fast 24-Bit-A/D-Converter (internal resolution: effective 0.01 Pa)Real-time processing of the measurement signals
Pneumatic Minimized volume to optimize the resolution
Processing Real time microcontroller system, 16-bit µC / 40 MHz
Sensors  Gauge pressure sensor Thermal mass ow sensor
Measurement ranges

Measurement range of 0 - 10 ml/min, 0 - 50 ml/min (displayed resolution: 0.01 ml/min), other ranges on request

Result units Nml/min, Nml/h, Nl/min, Nl/h, scc/min, scc/h, sl/min, sl/h (depending on menu language)
Electronically regulated test pressure ranges -1,000 mbar, 200 mbar, 1,000 mbar, negative gauge pressure and positive gauge pressure ranges can be combined other pressures and mechanical pressure regulator on request
Test modes  Pressure loss, “closed component – high resolution” pressure loss, “high speed”, pressure rise
Test options Prefill (incl. multiple filling), program series, smooth filling, analysis of the filling and stabilizing curve, consecutive zero results, temperature compensation, variable zero point, test repetition/automatic test time adjustment, free programmable control valves for each program
System control Still-Alive-Check with differential pressure sensor control, patented automatic function control (option), control of the compressed air supply
Programmable test phases Delay, pre-filling, filling, stabilizing, measuring,venting, reservoir filling, flooding, re-filling
Test mode specific limits Prefill pressure, filling pressure, test part specific reject and rework levels
Handling  Intuitive menu including password protected user levels
Parameter Memory  64 individual parameter driven test programs with alpha-numeric program namesParameters of the test programs can be exported resp.imported via the test device interfaces or by usage of a USB storage device.
Power Supply and Power Consumption 100 - 240 V AC, 47 – 63 Hz, 0.6 - 0.3 A, depending on stage of expansion max. 60 W
Compressed air supply 6 - 10 bar and 0.5 bar above test pressure resp. 50 mbar under evacuation
pressure (ISO 8573-1)
Pneumatic Connection Input (compressed air supply): 6 mm plug-in fitting
Port for test part: 3 x 1.7 mm fitting, 3 mm clamping ring [option]
Up to three pneumatically driven outputs [option]
Dimension and Weight W x H x D: 345 mm x 145 mm (3 U) x 435 mm Weight: appr. 10 kg
Standard Delivery Special packing, power cord, operating manual and documentation on CD,
declaration of conformity (CE), calibration certificate, D-Sub-plug including cable for
inputs and outputs (PLC-communication)
Certificates CETATEST 515 (500 Pa) conform with DAkkS calibration certificate [DAkkS = Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle]
Optional Accessories Filter combination, standard leak, leaktight 3/2-way-valve, RS-232/Ethernet adapter, application software CETA Soft 2G, more in the CETA accessories catalogue.


The CETATEST 615 is a full automatically working leak tester for the detection of untight parts within the cycle time of the production process. The leak tester is available in three different types. The configuration “closed components - high resolution” can be used for test parts, which cannot be filled, so called “closed components”. It is possible to detect very small ratios of test part volumes [0,03 ml < ∆V < 1,0 ml).The type “pressure loss - high speed” can be used for leak tests of very small test parts in high speed production cycles. The configuration “pressure rise” has a higher measurement signal (compared to the CETATEST 810) and integrated components (e.g. stop valve, primary pressure control), which are normally part of the external measurement circuit.



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The CETATEST 615 has been devised as a fully automated mass flow tester for the detection of small leaks in large volume test parts. The measurement method is based on the principle of the thermal mass flow measurement. Works precisely by sensing inputs from its one channel air compressor with at least of 200mbar,  6 - 10 bar and 0.5 bar above test pressure resp. 50 mbar under evacuation pressure (ISO 8573-1) towards the workpiece in such a way that your product can be tested on production line (with or without testing jig). Then, the value of tested workpiece is stored within its internal memory. The German made Mass Flow Tester CETATEST 615 also offer detailed result statistics, cycle counter, indicator for service intervals, countdown indicator, registration of parameter change, recording of measurement series and measurement curves, Dynamic Link Library (DLL) for RS-232 interface programming.

Usually in production lines the tested parts (e.g. due to a welding process or cleaning process) has expands due to thermal influence. If the test part cools down during the measurement phase of the leak test process, the measured pressure change is a superposition of two different effects: the pressure change due to a leakage and the pressure change due to a temperature change. By using a previously pressurised reservoir volume leakages can be measured without the disturbing effects of a pressure regulation, the temperature effects are automatically compensated. The mass flow caused by the leakage is displayed directly for standard conditions, which can be parameterised on its 64 individual mode. The cost-effective CETATEST 615 leak detector also provide data output via USB port which then can be conveniently saved into a flash drive for traceable data record or further analysis of acceptable parameter via CETA PC software and spreadsheet as well. 

On standard delivery, you will get the power cord, documentation on CD, application software CETA Soft 2G (demo version), calibration certicate, EU declaration of conformity, D-Sub-plug including cable for inputs and outputs (PLCcommunication), spare sealing caps and spare caps for union nuts coupling.

Your investment on Mass Flow Tester CETATEST 615 will lead your way to unlocks higher level of precision in detecting very small ratios of test part volumes on mass production system as in manufacturing of larger lamp sign, tight HDPE enclosure and many more. Your operator can simply follow your parameter of programmable test with pass-faill decision by seeing the measured value on its LCD Screen responsibly. Due to its reliable accuracy within an automatic approach, this instrument's versatility is highly regarded by many end user in the inspection of turbochargers, tests of micro switches, sensors, relays, valves, watches, medical equipment, mechatronics, pneumatic workpiece and many more.


Mass Flow Tester CETATEST 615 Features: