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Koyo-Sha Cut-A-Net Flat Type Disc

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SPESIFIKASI Koyo-Sha Cut-A-Net Flat Type Disc

Koyo-Sha Cut-A-Net Flat Type Disc Ordering Guide:

Koyo-Sha Cut-A-Net Flat Type Disc Recommended Speed:
*Each box ordered contains 10 pcs of disc 

Maximum rpm
O.D. 112mm or under : 13500rpm O.D. 125mm or under : 12200rpm
O.D. 150mm or under : 10200rpm  


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Koyo-Sha Cut-A-Net disc are optimized for versatile use of cutting or sanding application. Abrasive grains are firmly adhered to the both sides of open-meshed glass backing. Koyo-Sha Cut-A-Net disc offers less clogging and excellent cutting power. Koyo-Sha Cut-A-Net disc were designed with cooling effect, which prevents workpiece from burning marks. 

Koyo-Sha Cut-A-Net disc allows you to do both cutting and sanding with clear cut ends without burrs. Koyo-Sha Cut-A-Net disc have the strength for safer operation on high-speed rotation. altogether, Koyo-Sha Cut-A-Net Flat Type Disc will give you the economic cost on every job suitable for cutting, grinding, and polishing of plastic, FRP, asbestos, tiles-ceramics, glass, rubber and metal.


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