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Kinkelder TCT Circular Saw Solid CX 6

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SPESIFIKASI Kinkelder TCT Circular Saw Solid CX 6

Kinkelder Circular Saw TCT CX6 on industry cases:


Material dimensions


Material specification


Cutting speed


Cut time


Blade life


Blade life


solid 130 321 Mega CS 150 100 30 700 9
solid 60 304 Amada 80 12 2.500 6

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High performance cutting of stainless steel bar (austenitic)

Previously known as Kinkelder Circular Saw Connexxioncut series, CX 6 saw blades are carbide tipped and PVD coated for cutting solid stainless steel. With their proprietary geometry, very fast cutting and good surface finish can be achieved.

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