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Kinkelder TCT Flying Cut-off ScarfMaster

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SPESIFIKASI Kinkelder TCT Flying Cut-off ScarfMaster

 Kinkelder Circular Saw TCT ScarfMaster typical application examples:   



Material Specifications


Tensile Strength


Mill Speed


Cutting Speed


Blade Life




168 x 6 S355 520 40 4,8 3,5 OTO Mills
100 x 8 1018 480 30 4,2  5,2 OTO Mills
63 x 5 S355 520 60 2,6 3,5 MTM
48 x 3 S500 MC 500 75 2,0 2,4 Olimpia

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Cuts heavy ID-Scarf

The PVD coated carbide tipped ScarfMaster has especially been designed for flying cut-off applications dealing with heavy inside scarf. It features a very specific tooth geometry, combined with highly shock resistant carbide tips. Due to strong saw body shoulders which give the teeth maximum support, the combination tooth/body obtains very high stability and fracture resistance. Extended blade life is therefore achieved.

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