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Kinkelder Circular Saw HSS Steam-eX

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SPESIFIKASI Kinkelder Circular Saw HSS Steam-eX

Kinkelder HSS Steam-eX are available in sizes:

Diameter mm Kerf mm Bore mm
250 2,0 32
275 2,5 40
315 2,5 40
350 3,0 40

Recommended tooth forms: 

Tooth form Usage
HZ  Tooth pitch hugher than 4 mm.
BW  Tooth pitch 4 mm or smaller



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Kinkelder HSS Steam-eX is an economical circular saw blade for light cutting applications. These blades come steam treated and used for hand operated machines on cutting mild steal or harder non-ferrous material. Steam-eX blade surface has been treated in a special oven, in which steamed at a constant temperature of 550°C, this process give a hard dark-blue layer of Fe3O4 on the sawblade. Although offered as the very basic circular saw blade, Steam-eX has a thickness of 3 - 5µm of iron oxide particles with diameters between about 1 and 100 nanometers. Kinkelder Steam-eX has a wear resistant oxide layer by its micro-porous structure that when combined with coolant has a better cooling and lubricating properties as well.

Kinkelder coating technology enables a very wear-resistant coating with a low friction coefficient. The result is a greatly reduced chance of cold-weld and an increase in service life. which in  general are lasting 2 times longer than competitor's steam treated blades.

Kinkelder HSS Steam-eX Circular Saw Blades Features: 

Kinkelder HSS Steam-eX Circular Saw Blades User Benefits:

Kinkelder HSS Steam-eX Circular Saw Blades Applications:

LFC recommend Kinkelder HSS Steam-eX circular saw blades for high output cutting of all structural steels and non-alloy tool steel with the tensile strength up to 700 N / mm2.