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Inspex Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge IPX-251S

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Inspex Gauge IPX-251S is devised as a handheld ultrasonic thickness gauge for thickness measurement of various materials. Inspex Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge IPX-251S are mainly used for measuring the effects of corrosion, sedimentation, or erosion on oil tanks, gas canister, pipes or any structure where the object itself is still being on operational system and access is limited and only feasible for Non Destructive Test (NDT).

By investing on Inspex Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge IPX-251S, you can robustly inspect various type of non-ferrous as well as ferrous material such as  steel, stainless steel,aluminium, glass, polystyrene, polyethylene. This ultrasonic gauge is highly applicable to test cladding, sedimentation or corrosion with the flexibilty and simplicity whether in a workshop or dangling in a gondola platform. You can store the measurement data by its internal memory.


Inspex Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge IPX-251S Features: