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Flow Tester CETATEST 915

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Flow Tester CETATEST 915 Ordering Guide:

Signal processing Fast 24-Bit-A/D-Converter 
Sequence controller Real time microcontroller system, 16-Bit µC / 40 MHz 
Sensors Differential pressure sensor, relative pressure sensor (test pressure)  
Measurement ranges of the laminar flow elements
Typeof LFE Flow at  positive gage pressure of50 mbar in the LF Test Connections
 1 RK 55-2,300 ml/h 8 x 1 mm fitting
1 RM  150 - 7,000 ml/h 8 x 1 mm fitting
1 RG  12 - 500 ml/min 8 x 1 mm fitting 
2 RG  26 - 900 ml/min  8 x 1 mm fitting 
3 RG  40 - 1,400 ml/min 8 x 1 mm fitting 
5 RG  135 - 4,900 ml/min 8 x 1 mm fitting 
8 RG  130 - 5,800 ml/min 8 x 1 mm fitting 
20 RG  270 - 10,900 ml/min  8 x 1 mm fitting 
30 RG 25 - 1,100 l/h 8 x 1 mm fitting 
55 RG  39 - 1,900 l/h 10 x 1 mm fitting 
80 RG 1.0 - 44.0 l/min 10 x 1 mm fitting 
100 RG   1.7 - 45.0 l/min 10 x 1 mm fitting 
148 RG  4.3 - 115 l/min 10 x 1 mm fitting
Mechanical controlled test pressures -1,000 mbar, 150 mbar, 1,000 mbar, 6 bar (other pressures on request)  
Result units  ml/min, ml/h, l/min, l/h, mbar*l/s 
Test mode / Test options  Direct method, indirect method, exponential extrapolation 
Test phases Delay, filling, stabilising, measuring
Test mode specific limits  Filling pressure Test part specific reject and rework levels 
Handling  Intuitive menusPassword protected user levels
Parameter memory 64 individual parameter driven test programs with alpha-numeric program names Parameters of the test programs can be exported resp. imported via the test device interfaces or by usage of a USB storage device 




Further function includes detailed result statistics, cycle counter, indicator for service intervals, countdown indicator, recording of parameter change, recording of measurement curves and measurement series, Dynamic Link Library (DLL) for RS-232 interface programming.



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The flow tester CETATEST 915 is used to measure the flow using compressed air. The device contains a measurement system consisting of a laminar flow element (LFE) and a differential pressure sensor. The differential means that the Piezo-resistive gage pressure sensor also measure the actual value by comparing the current measurement of test with allowed parameter setting automatically. CETATEST 915's differential pressure sensor and relative pressure sensor are  capable of testing pressure ranges from -1,000 mbar, 150 mbar, 1,000 mbar, 6 bar (other pressures on request).

The cost-effective Flow Tester CETATEST 915 also provide data output via USB which then can be conveniently saved into a USB flash drive for traceable data record or further analysis of acceptable parameter via CETA PC software and spreadsheet as well. Furthermore, its parameter can also be exported or imported using an USB storage device. CETATEST 915 operate in the direct test method of which the air, provided by the internal pressure regulator, flows through the measuring section before it enters the test part. In the indirect test method the measuring section is located behind the test part. Due to the special design of the measuring section a laminar flow is generated. The resulting pressure difference is directly proportional to the volume flow.

Your investment on Flow Tester CETATEST 915 will lead your way to unlocks higher level of precision in detecting irregularity of flow on both very small to medium ratios of test part volumes on mass production system. With the CETA flow testers the volume flow through the test part can be measured conveniently. By the use of appropriate laminar flow elements a wide range of flows can also be covered.


Flow Tester CETATEST 915 Features:


To serve your interest on Flow Tester CETATEST 915,

kindly contact our sales department.