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Dindan Cooling Console Linear 20ACU/003

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SPESIFIKASI Dindan Cooling Console Linear 20ACU/003

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Dindan Cooling Console Linear 600 WATT Ordering Guide:

Characteristics (under normal operating condition at ambient temperature, +35)
Model   20ACU/003
Capacity (W)   600
Installation type   panel
Input single-phase (V) 220V+20%/-15%
frequency (Hz) 50/60
current (A) 2.57
Compressor hermetic type reciprocate
torque start type high
refrigerant type 134a
lock rotor (A) 10.7
System operate direct expand yes
Hi-prosent control thermostat yes
condensor thermal detector yes
anti-freeze detector yes
overflow condensate drain protection none
Protection over drain protect system yes
secondary drainpan none
Display thermometer (red 7 segment 19mm yes
system status (2 colour LED) yes
Electrical equipment safety device 7A slow-blow fuse
Evaporator coil face area x rows 42.5 sq.inch x 2
servo fan (rpm) 2850
number of fan x cfm (0.18 inH2O) 1 x 135
Condenser coil face area x rows 78.75 sq.inch x 2
servo fan (rpm) 2850
number of fan x cfm (0.2 inH2O) 2 x 158
Physical data approx. Weight (kgs)(include Inst.Plt) 31.5
dimension (mm) W:384 D:177 H:619
condensate drain O.D. 3/8 inch
internal casing electro-galvanize
Air filter width x length (mm) 110 x 536

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For over 20 years, Dindan Technical devised ranges of cooling console system which help you to gain better performance on dispersing heat efficiently in industrial application. With proper airflow management, you can improve your system lifespan and lower the burden on various manufacturing system within affordable budget. Each type of cooling system has been cleverly designed to generate the full BTU.

Compared to blower system, Dindan cooling system is far economical, reliable and can be installed with fully customized arrangement. Dindan Cooling Console Linear 20ACU/003 is highly desireable on older machinery or control system of automation production line with busy queue or any workshop which is costly and not feasible for integrated air conditioning system.

Dindan Cooling Console 20ACU/003 is positioned as the mid-range alternative for 24-hours cooling system which provide direct airflow, convenient maintenance by intelligent Hi-prosent control and the ability to maintain desired temperature by its user friendly interface. Equipped with industrial evaporator coil, this unit is designed to reach maximum efficiency while distributing steady flow of cold air. Dindan Cooling Console Linear 600 WATT units are both eco-friendly and economical as they are powered with hermetic compressor which uses high quality 134a refrigerant pressure and durable servo fans. Dindan Cooling Console Linear 600 WATT is suitable for server mainframes, light transformator, storage cabinets, electronics control boards and many more.


Dindan Cooling Console Linear20ACU/003 Features: