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DeFelsko Pinhole Detector PosiTest LPD

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SPESIFIKASI DeFelsko Pinhole Detector PosiTest LPD

DeFelsko Pinhole Detector PosiTest LPD Ordering Guide:

Voltage  9V ± 5% 67.5V ± 5% 67.5V ± 5% 90V ± 5%
Sensitivity  90kΩ ± 3% 80kΩ ± 3% 90kΩ ± 3% 400kΩ ± 3%
Thickness Range 0 – 500 µm (0 – 20 mils)
Temperature Range -10 – 50° C (14 – 122° F)
Battery Life > 150 hrs (depending on battery type)
IP Rating meets or exceeds IP65


DeFelsko Pinhole Detector PosiTest LPD Ordering Guide:

PosiTest LPD Basic Kit


PosiTest LPD Basic Kit  


Includes everything needed for detecting pinholes using a rectangular sponge

Base tube

3 AAA batteries

Rectangle sponge hardware

Rectangle sponge

4.5 m (15') ground wire

Insulating collar

Ear Bud

Wrist strap


Long Form Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST


Hard shell case

Two year warranty


PosiTest LPD Complete Kit

PosiTest LPD Complete Kit


Includes contents of the Basic Kit, PLUS:

 Adaptable Sponge Hardware

Rectangle (Flat)


Internal Diameter

Additional 20 cm x 20 cm (8" x 8") sheet sponge for custom usages

Wetting agent

Extension Accessories

Extension rods provide an additional 0.6 m (2') of reach

Universal adapters to extend existing paint rollers and poles

12 m (40') ground wire

4.5 m (15') hot wire

Magnetic grounding post

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DeFelsko Pinhole Detector PosiTest LPD is a handheld non-destructive device for detecting discontinuities in a coating system including pinholes, cracks. DeFelsko PosiTest LPD is a complementary device to inspect non-ferrous coating systems with thickness of less than 500 µm (20 mils). Thanks to its IP65 electronics which are powered by 3 AAA alkaline or rechargeable batteries, you can inspect every surface freely for more than 150 hours on any environment.

The innovative  porosity detector works similarly with edy current which are short-circuited to sense the irregularity of coating thickness. Initially, the operator ‘ground’ or ‘earthed’ PosiTest LPD to the conductive substrate by clamping onto an uncoated area. Regulated voltage outputs of low-voltage pinhole test is then performed by rastering a moistened, electrified probe sponge over a non-conductive coating applied to a conductive material. Only if the coating is continuous and no defects are present, electricity is unable to pass from the sponge to the material through the non-conductive coating. But when the electrified sponge encounters a flaw in the coating, electricity is able to flow into the material and travel back to the instrument through the ground wire, completing the circuit and setting off the audible and visible alarms.

Your investment on DeFelsko Pinhole Detector PosiTest LPD will allows your operator to work on detecting quality of surface coating and layer uniformity of liquid container tanks, marine products, pipe and tubes, whether in a workshop or on any manufacturing yard. However if you are also looking for a leak detection of air barrier integrity of single, two-ply and liquid membrane systems with all type of coating, you might also wants to consider DeFelsko PosiTest AIR Surface Tester solution

DeFelsko Pinhole Detector PosiTest LPD Features: