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DeFelsko Gauge Software Manager PosiSoft PDM

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obviates manual recording of long columns of numbers, which not only reduces the risk of the operator's errors (such as digit transpositions) but also improves the productivity of the process by reducing the human resources needed for time-consuming data recording, calculating and copying tasks.

Your DeFelsko instruments of any compatible probes can be directly connected to the USB port or via any USB-Hub available on the market. The automatic recognition allows easy USB port setting for every new connected instrument with a digital or analog gauging window for each instrument. This powerful desktop software stores your measurement data on your PC/Mac for viewing, sharing, analyzing and reporting. Register your gage's serial number and key from the new '.net' menu in PosiSoft Desktop, and instantly backup all readings, notes, and pictures to the cloud - no need to create an account.

Furthermore, saved batches of data can be uploaded to PosiSoft.net via WiFi or USB will be downloaded automatically to PosiSoft Desktop. A gauge can be registered to multiple instances of PosiSoft Desktop - a simple way to share measurement data with colleagues and clients. Alternatively, use the PosiSoft.net website to view your measurement data from any web enabled device.

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