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CV instruments Ultramatic 2 CV-HV400

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SPESIFIKASI CV instruments Ultramatic 2 CV-HV400

Portable Hardness Tester 'Ultramatic 2' CV-HV400

Measuring principleUCI method (ultrasonic contact impedance principle)
Standards Conforms to DIN 50159 - ASTM A 1038-05 and VDI/VDE directive 2616
Indenter type Vickers diamond (angle 136o)
Measuring range Vickers - HV 10-3000 (direct) - Rockwell - HRC 20-68 (conversion) - Brinell - HB 76-447 (conversion) - UTS N/mm2 255-2180 (conversion)
Reproducibility HV +/- 1% - HRC +/- 0.5 - HB +/- 1%
Test probes available 3N - 10N - 20N - 30N - 49N - 98N (30N standard)
Display Large backlit LCD - displays hardness HV - HRC - HB and UTS
Calibration 20 preset calibrations for different materials (user definable)
Memory 1000 readings - expandable to 30000
Statistics Mean - min - max - std dev - Go-No-Go%
Interface Serial RS-232 - RS-485 and parallel printer

 Rechargeable battery 9.6V - 1700mAh (2,5hour charging for 5 hours continuous use)/

100-240V/ 50-60 Hz Power supply adaptor on continuous use


Processing - Display Unit (85mm x 225mm x 198 mm)

Probe (19.5mm diameter x 175mm lenght)


2200gr  (Including Probe 190gr)


Portable Hardness Tester 'Ultramatic 2' CV-HV400 Ordering Guide 

Code No.Description
W-HV Guide Guide Support
W-HV400 UCI Vickers Portable Tester without probe
W-HV400/08 30N Probe (standard)
W-HV400/10 49N Probe



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Portable Hardness Tester 'Ultramatic 2' CV-HV400

The CV instruments ULTRAMATIC 2 are devised by Bowers Group to cater the need for next generation hardness tester which offer both portability and rapid use as a stationary instruments. Whether on a busy production line or on a calm metallurgical laboratory environment, the CV instruments ULTRAMATIC 2 are sturdily built and equipped with onboard calibration features which stores up to 20 types of material. 

Unlike no other, CV instruments ULTRAMATIC 2 covers several new improvement features that can be selected from a menu-operated full colour display. Intuitive menu are carefully designed with compact buttons to ensure ease of access and instant reading even when the operator is wearing insulated gloves.  CV instruments ULTRAMATIC 2 are powered with rechargeable battery which also encourage portable application on a work site such as warehouse, docks, and commonly used by surveyor and contractors to test hardness level of a sample or workpiece's material prior to purchase.


The CV instruments Ultramatic 2 CV-HV400 Features:


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