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CV Instruments Hardness Test Blocks

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SPESIFIKASI CV Instruments Hardness Test Blocks

 CV instruments Rockwell Hardness Reference Blocks Ordering Guide:


Code No.



Test Block HRA70-85 with factory certificate


Hardness tester block 80-100HRB with factory certificate


Test Block hrc 25-35 with factory certificate


Test Block hrc 40-50 with factory certificate


Test Block hrc 55-65 with factory certificate


 CV instruments Vickers Hardness Reference Blocks Ordering Guide:


Code No.



Micro-Vickers test block 700-800HV1 with factory certificate


Micro-Vickers test block 400-500HV0.2 with factory certificate


  CV instruments Brinell Hardness Reference Blocks Ordering Guide:

Code No. 



Brinell test block 150-250HBW 10/3000 with factory certificate


Brinell Test block 75-125HBW 10/1000 with factory certificate


Brinell Test block 150-250HBW 2.5/187.5 with factory certificate

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CV instruments Hardness Test Blocks are devised by Bowers Group for reference and caiibration. Each CV instruments Hardness Reference Blocks are supplied with official calibration certificates UKAS, DKD or ASTM. When using hardness reference blocks it is irrelevant whether the value of the nominal hardness to be delivered corresponds exactly to the actual calibration value observed, since scale adaptation should be carried out with at least two hardness values.

The hardness reference blocks used for indirect verification should conform largely to the workpiece to be tested, in terms of material characteristics and hardness range. For this reason a hardness reference block made of aluminium was developed for the lower hardness range which can not be covered by steel, using new materials technology methods.

CV Instruments hardness reference blocks are used for routine verification and calibration of hardness testing machines, as well as for periodical check and sometimes for overtaking of hardness scales on a hardness testing machine. Regular precision hardness reference blocks are factory calibrated to applicable standards to ensure the functionality and relative reliability and accuracy of measurement of a hardness testing machine.


CV instruments Hardness Reference Blocks Features: