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CV Instruments Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester 600D

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SPESIFIKASI CV Instruments Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester 600D

CV Instruments Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester 600D Ordering Guide:

Code No.Description
W-600A Rockwell Tester, Manual, Analogue display
W-600MA Rockwell Tester, Motorised, Analogue display
W-600MAS Superficial Rockwell Tester, Motorised, Analogue display


 CV Instruments Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester 600D Specification:

Rockwell scales 
Standard A - B - C - F (W-600A/W-600MA)
Superficial HRT - HRN (W-600MA/S)*
Hardness resolution 1 of a Rockwell unit
Test loads Rockwell - 10kgf preload / 60 - 100 - 150kgf main load - Superficial Rockwell - 3kgf preload / 15 - 30 - 45kgf main load
Display Dial indicator
Test force application By force lever (W-600A) - Motorised load system (W-600MA and W-600MA/S)
Test cycle Manual (W-600A); - Motorised (preload applied manually) (W-600MA and W-600MA/S)
Load duration Manually - following display indication (W-600A) - Automatic (W-600MA and W-600MA/S)
Dwell time 2-99 sec (1 sec. step) (600MA/S)
Data output Non
Accuracy Conforms to EN-ISO 6508 and ASTM E-18
Specimen accommodation Vertical space 170mm (6.7inch) - Horizontal space (from center-line) - 165mm (6.5inch)
Specimen access External surfaces
Power supply Non (600A) - 220V 50Hz (600MA and 600MA/S)
Machine dimensions 150mm x 485mm x 700mm (WxDxH)
Machine weight Approx. 85kg
*Other scales with the use of optional indenters.


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CV Instruments Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester 600D is devised for accuracy, reliability, and durability at an extremely affordable price. These instruments offering accuracy on measuring toughness of a material and the maximum amount of energy it can absorb before fracturing. Its commercial popularity arises from its manual operation, reliability due to the fully hydraulic-mechanical system, robustness, resolution and small area of indentation on the specimen. Menu-operated Rockwell hardness tester with LCD screen featuring Go/No Go judgment, conversion, load cycle indicator, date, time.

The superficial CV Rockwell scales use lower loads and shallower impressions on brittle and very thin materials. The 45N scale employs a 45-kgf load on a diamond cone-shaped Ball indenter and can be used on dense ceramics. The 15T scale employs a 15-kgf load on a1⁄16-inch-diameter (1.588 mm) hardened steel ball and can be used on sheet metal. By ordering this tester with the reputable testing block you can have a reliable material tester at an affordable price.

Your investment on CV Instruments Basic Rockwell Hardness Tester W-600A will allow you to work on routine material testing by its easily replaceable type of identer tip. This user-friendly tester is commonly purchased by fabricators in tool-making, strutural engineering, and metallurgy-metallography analysis to display hardness values directly, thus obviating tedious calculations involved in other hardness measurement techniques. However, If you are looking for a digital hardness tester with advanced features such as USB connection and conversion functions, you might want to consider CV Instruments Rockwell Hardness Tester 600BDL


CV Instruments Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester 600D feature: