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Bowers Countersink Gauge BCSG Series

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SPESIFIKASI Bowers Countersink Gauge BCSG Series

Bowers Countersink Gauge BCSG Series Ordering Guide:

Code No.Range (mm)Range (inch)Setting Ring (mm)Dimn – ADimn – BStandard Angle Plunger
BCSG-001M 4.76-12.7 3/16-1/2 8 Ø Conical 33 1414 100°
BCSG-002M 12.7-19.05 1/2-3/4 16 Ø Conical 1010 2121 100°
BCSG-003M 19.05-28.57 3/4-1 1/8 23 Ø Conical 1717 3030 100°
BCSG-004M 28.57-38.01 1 1/8-1 1/2 32 Ø Conical 2626 4040 100°
BCSG-005M 38.01-47.625 1 1/2-1 7/8 42 Ø Conical 3636 5050 100°
BCSG-006M 47.625-57.15 1 7/8-2 1/4 52 Ø Conical 4646 6060 100°
BCSG-007M 57.15-66.675 2 1/4-2 5/8 62 Ø Conical 5454 7070 100°


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Bowers Countersink Gauge BCSG is also known as chamfer gauge is devised to quickly determine the top diameter of tapered or chamfered holes, countersinks, female centers, valve seats, etc., with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Unlike micrometers, bore gauge and calipers, the Bowers Countersink Gauge BCSG works by measuring the tipping point of each tapered bores by its sensitive plungers which are also exchangeable with 90º, 100º and 110º angle depends on your application. 

For specific application, alternative size of plunger ranges can be custom-tailored to your order (60º, 70º and many more). Be advised that this countersink gages are made to order, therefore you should better inquire us the master or setting ring as a set. Bowers Countersink Gauge BCSG can also be calibrated with supplied master ring gauge. Furthermore, Bowers Countersink Gauge BCSG is also available with bluetooth data transfer as an option. 

Bowers Countersink Gauge BCSG Series are commonly used to check the major diameters of countersinks in the aircraft outer skin, prior to the application of rivets. The gauge can also be used for countersink measurement in general applications within the aerospace, automotive and other related industries. 

Bowers Countersink Gauge BCSG Series Features:
• Standard range diameter 6-16mm / 1/4-5/8"
• Switchable resolution - inch/metric true conversion
• Preset facility
• Tolerance mode
• RS-232 data output
• Robust construction, hardened plunger, induction hardened body
• Standard plungers available to measure 90º, 100º and 110º
• Other angles available on request
• Setting master supplied as standard
• Bluetooth option available