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Annn Yang Machine Center AY-VM-2000

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SPESIFIKASI Annn Yang Machine Center AY-VM-2000

Annn Yang AY-VM-2000 machining center Ordering Guide:

Table Working Surface 2200 x 800 mm
T-slot (Size x Number x Pitch) 22 x 6 x P 125
Max. Table Load 2000 kg
Travel X Axis Travel 2000 mm
Y Axis Travel 750 mm
Z Axis Travel 700 mm
Distance from Spindle End to Table 150 mm
Turning Capacity Max. Swing 2000 mm
Max. Cutting Diameter 2000 mm
Max. Cutting Length 550 mm
Milling Spindle Spindle Nose Taper HSK-E40
Spindle Speed 24000 / 30000 rpm
Bed Way Bed Type #55 Liner guide way
Bed Depth X: 80 / Y: 80 / Z: 80 mm
Bed Width X: 800 / Y: 2500 / Z: 550 mm
Feed X/Y Axis Rapid Travel 30 m/min
Z Axis Rapid Travel 30 m/min
Cutting Feeding Rate 1 ~ 8000 mm/min
ATC Tool Storage Capacity 30 / 60
Change Method The Nearest
Max. Tool Diameter 125 mm
Max. Tool Length 350 mm
Max. Tool Weight 15 kg
Motors For Milling Spindle 24000 rpm, HSK E50, 18 kw, 30000 rpm, HSK E40, 10 kw
Oil Cooler 1 HP
Lubrication Pump 100 W
Coolant Pump 2 HP
Air Cylinder 6 kg/cm2
Machine Size L x W x H 5000 x 4100 x 4400 mm
Net Weight (Approx.) 25000 kg


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ANNN YANG MACHINERY CO., LTD manufactures over eight hundred units of milling and lathes machinery annually, with reliable quality as demanded by customer of 40 countries. Recently around the world,  ANNN YANG machinery owns the markets share of 50% in Europe, 40% in North America, and 10% in other areas. Annn Yang AY-VM-2000 are developed to cater medium scale steel fabrication with moderate amount of output.

Investment on a larger sized machining center not only light your company's direction toward larger industrial scale but also demand longterms commitment in return. Whether you call it a milling machine, a machining center, or a machine tool, the latest Annn Yang AY-VM-2000 will empower you to meet the most demanding project ordered by customer while at the same time easier to be operated by your operator. Fully enclosed and sealed design linear guideway system and precision-built spindle assure optimal performance during high-speed machining or heavy-duty cutting.

The Annn Yang AY-VM-2000 come in stock with larger surface sized 2200 x 800 mm, which are applicable for machining electric motor case, crankshaft, boat propeller, combustion engine parts, mechatronics fabrication with accuracy measured of microns precision. Annn Yang also provide your company with training program whch is affordable and care for spareparts or various request. Annn Yang will stay at your side so that you can deliver the finest quality output and expecting immediate return on investment.