Widia expands the modular end mills line up with DUO-LOCK™ connection

October 31, 2016   |   In Cutting Tools



Started in Germany 1929, WIDIA holds the world’s first patent for coating indexable inserts, taps and mills with Tungsten carbide application on cutting-tools. Widia cutting tools are recorded adheres to every DIN, ISO standard and several JIS standard for easier conversion and replacement. The WIDIA name comes from German phrase ‘hart wie diamant,’ or ‘diamond hard’ to symbolize diamond's values at reasonable price.


Widia expands the modular end mills line up with DUO-LOCK™ connection which features the DUO-LOCK™ connection from WIDIA and Haimer. You can have the versatility, simplicity, and effectiveness of modular end mills with the cutting performance of solid carbide WIDIA system on a budget-friendly platform to solid carbide end mills of all sizes.


WIDIA delivers extreme precision, with affordable cost of milling as it is the only tool that can predictably take full-width slotting cuts in stainless steel and aerospace alloys such as Titanium inconel at 1xD deep, and 50% cut widths at 1.5xD.


The advanced metal-working rate performed with DUO-LOCK™ connection, is due to a double-taper, face-contact mount and intelligent thread design. The new locking adapter system offer a runout accuracy better than 5 µm (.0002 in.), axial repeatability of 10 µm (.0004 in.), and up to 25% higher torque delivery and chip load capabilities than comparable brands in the market.


As your partner in precision, PT. LFC Teknologi Indonesia together with our principal engineer from Widia are dedicated to serve you a free session to find the right geometry and coating which allows you gain more profit and avoid costly rejects. The comprehensive line up from Widia covers the following solution:

  • Solid end mills powdered metal and carbide : Hanita.
  • Indexable milling : Widia Victory.
  • Solid carbide drills : Widia Victory, Metal Removal, Rubig.
  • Removable head drills : Widia Victory.
  • Spade drills : Metcut.
  • Solid thread mills made of powder metal and carbide : GTD.
  • Indexable turning : Widia Victory, Circle, ClappDico.
  • Solid carbide and indexable insert boring systems : Widia Victory, Circle.
  • Solid carbide and indexable insert grooving systems : Widia Victory, Manchester.
  • Cutting and forming taps made of HSS, cobalt, powder metal and carbide : GTD.
  • Workholding systems for CNC and conventional machines : Erickson.


To serve your interest on Widia metal-working solution, kindly contact our sales department.