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Vector Air Pen Marking VM1210

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The Vector Air Pen Marking VM1210 has been devised as a versatile machine for precision dot peen marking for mass production. Powered by pneumatic air supply, the VM1210 can mark 2D codes containing huge data on the small space of workpiece permanently. Barcode and 2d marking by using pneumatic system will not only increase the value of your products but also lower your production costs.

Compared to other methods of marking such as chemical etching, the pneumatic dot peen system from vector are much safer and reliable for tracking throughout the parts life cycle. Furthermore, Vector also innovates full range of identer pen which are made of Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) which are popular as a cutting tools. The durability and precision of Polycrystalline diamond identer are rapidly replacing Carbide cutting tools in many non-ferrous machining applications. VM1210 Air Pen Marking Machine delivers semi-permanent marking on a wide range of metals, including steel, stainless-steel and aluminum, as well as plastics and other nonmetallic metals.

Your investment on Vector Air Pen Marking VM1210, will allow you to work with three kinds of 2D codes such as; DataMatrix / QR Code / Micro QR Code, Increment: 1~10 digits, calendar: Year. Month. Day. Hour. Minute. Second, circular arc marking, special character: Supported (16 types). Marked 2D Codes and characters on automobile parts such as engine, underbody, main body and frame will not disappear permanently. The 2D markings can also ensure the products you manufacture meet all the quality, safety and global regulations required. 

Vector Air Pen Marking VM1210 Features:

  • Economical for both mass production and one off barcode marking.
  • All connectors, buttons and indicators are arranged on the front panel of control unit, it is very easy to install and maintain.
  • Compact body size & wide marking range
  • 2D code marking (DataMatrix / QR Code / Micro QR Code)
  • Can be operated by both input panels and PC connectivity through USB port and PLC.
  • Pneumatic powered, highly efficient and environment friendly.

SPESIFIKASI Vector Air Pen Marking VM1210

VM1210 Air Pen Marking Machine Ordering Guide:

Pen type Air pen
Marking range 80×30mm
Pen stroke Approx. 9mm (Z-axis marking range: 5mm)
Workpiece material Steel, aluminum, copper and their alloys, stainless steel, hard plastic, etc. (depends on the type of stylus)
Available characters Alphabet (uppercase/lowercase), number, symbol (18 types)
Character size 1~30mm (in increments of 0.1mm)
Font 3 types
Character orientation 8 directions
Number of jobs 255 jobs (J1~J255)
Number of sequences 255 sequences (S1~S255)
String length 1~36 characters (varied by character size)
Marking function Increment: 1~10 digits
Calendar: Year. Month. Day. Hour. Minute. Second
Circular arc marking: Available
Special character: Supported (16 types)
2D code: DataMatrix, QR Code, Micro QR Code
Interface I/O(Parallel): 50pin, NPN/PNP connect
RS-232C (Serial): 9pin
USB (for operation by PC): USB 2.0 Standard-B
Power supply Single-phase AC100V~230V
50 / 60 Hz, Approx. 200VA
Air supply 0.3~0.5MPa, 30 L / min (A.N.R.)
Dry clean air (below atmospheric dew point -17℃)
Environmental condition Operating temperature: 0~40 ℃
Storage temperature : -5 ~ +50 ℃
Relative humidity: 90%RH or less (no condensation)
Dimensions (W×H×D) Mechanical Unit: 204×213×153mm
Control Unit: 180×294×269mm
Weight Mechanical Unit: Approx. 7.5kg
Control Unit: Approx. 5.0kg

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