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SPG Seal Peel Compound SD-7

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Seal Peel Compound SD-7 conform with the U.S. Packing Standard MIL-4-149A.

The SEAL PEEL is the finest solution to protect your work-piece against faulty transport, rust, corrosion, mold, magnetic impedance, oxidation, water penetration, sulfur mist, sea breeze and brine, and has a high electrical insulation. The silicon films are elastic and will not be damaged even if it is roughly handled. It is a perfect epoch-making and anti-corrosive packing material which perfectly fulfills two major purpose of preservation and packing for the product in place of conventional three-step packing using oils, paper and cardboard box (or wooden box).

The finish coating of Seal Peal can be manually handled as it has the typical of being non toxic and non fuming. By simply dipping your work-piece on your thermostat on 180℃ and drawing it up slowly for 60 seconds, you can have the jellyish coating with life span of more than 10 years of storage. The Seal Peal is  not only practical but also highly resistant against other chemical exposure of lubricants, oil, cooling liquids, acid, organic solvent, alkali and alcohol derivatives. 

SPG Seal Peel Compound SD-7 Features: