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SPG Multi Beam Gauge MG Series

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SPESIFIKASI SPG Multi Beam Gauge MG Series

SPG Multi Beam Gauge MG Series Ordering Guide:

Code No. Range Functions
MG-200 S 30-200mm
Internal - External
MG-400 S 30-400mm
Internal - External
MG-600 S 200-600mm
Internal - External


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SPG Multi Beam Gauge MG Series are devised to measure both internal and external diameters and lengths, and inspection of larger diameter such as spherical workpiece. Thanks to its versatility as an universal gage, this device is suitable for measuring high accuracy diameters and lengths up to 600mm+. The affordable gaging device is engineered to work with constant-force and low coefficient of drag to ensures that the gauging action and pressure remains stable throughout the measurement whilst radiussed measuring anvils provide optimum centralisation in the part with maximum error of 4 µm.

SPG Multi Beam Gauge MG Series are offered with Sylvac Swiss made dial gages which are known for its durability and accuracy even at hazardous working condition which usually difficult with comparable brands. Furthermore, with Sylvac dial gauges, you can record and transmit the data to any devices, through its RS-232 or USB connectivity. The Bluetooth configuration will also minimize human error and provide you a realtime and traceable measurement whenever asked by customer with the most demanding specification. 

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