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SP-Tech Shore Digital Durometer SDD Series

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SPESIFIKASI SP-Tech Shore Digital Durometer SDD Series

 Model No.SDD-A(Shore A) No.SDD-D(Shore D)
  Accuracy  ≤±1 HA
  Resolution  0.1 HA
  Display  128*64 dot matrix LCD with LED backlight
  Memory  500 data
  Battery Indicator  Battery icon flashes when battery is low
  Power  3.6VDC 800mAH Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
  Life time  Approximately 30 hours
  Charger/Adaptor  Input: 110~240VAC, Output: 5V 1Ag
  Printer  Wireless thermal printer(optional)
  Operating temperature  -10 to 40℃
  Operating humidity  20 to 80%
  Storage temperature  -20 to +50℃
  Storage humidity  5 to 95%
  Dimensions  150*50.5*29mm
  Weight  170g


Model Type Indenter Application
SDD-A  A Shore Digital Durometer Indenter 1  Soft vulcanized rubber, natural rubber, nitriles, thermoplastic elastomers, flexible polyacrylics and thermosets, wax, felt and leathers  
SDD-C  C  Medium-hard rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, medium-hard plastics and thermoplastics  
SDD-D  D Shore Digital Durometer Indenter 2  Hard rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, harder plastics and rigid thermoplastics  
SDD-B  B  Moderately hard rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, paper products and fibrous materials  
SDD-SR  SR Shore Digital Durometer Indenter 3  Soft rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, very soft plastics and thermoplastics, medium-density textile windings  
SDD-ESR  ESR  Extremely soft rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, sponge, extremely soft plastics and thermoplastics, foams, low-density textile windings, human and animal tissue  
SDD-HR  HR  Moderately hard rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, and very dense textile windings

Dapatkan Penawaran Harga

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The SP-Tech Durometer is a device for the hardness measurement of rubber, plastic and other non-metallic materials.


1. Accuracy: ≤ ±1 HA/HD

2. Resolution: 0.1HA/HD

3. Calibration Certificate Included

4. Conforms to ASTM D-2240-05, GB/T-531.1-2008/ISO7619-1:2004

5. A large, easy-to-read LCD display with backlight

6. AC Adapter/Charger and Batteries Included

7. Charger with US/EUR/UK Plugs selectable

8. Measurable material: Natural rubber, Chloroprene (Diane) rubber, Polyester, PVC, Leather, Nitrile rubber, Paraffin, Vinyl, Cellulose acetate products, Polystyrene glass Etc.

9. This device is suitable for the A and D Shore hardness standards, and has broad applicability.

10. The number of significant hardness data hold function, the LCD monitor to ensure that the operator misreading.

11. Measurement results can be printed wirelessly.

12. Measurement mode: Averaging mode, Max Mode, Maximum average mode.

13. Control tolerances can be set to alarm beyond the control tolerances.

14. Available Grubbs criteria of measurement data to do error handling.

15. The work piece Number can be set.

16. Backlight lit time adjustable.

17. To save power, the key sound and alarm sound can be shut down.

18. Measurement data can be stored, browsing, batch printing.