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Police Videoscope

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(62) 778 408 6403


SPESIFIKASI Police Videoscope

Police Videoscope Technical Specifications :


Replaceable Insert Tube

White light insert tube

Night vison insert tube

Camera Diameter

Ø 6mm


Camera Pixel





Inspection Distance


5 – 15m

Lighting System

White light

Infrared light

Bright Control

7 levels manual control

Bending Control

360° all-way articulation

Bending Angle


Tube Length

1.5meters (customized for different lenght)

Tube Material

Four layers tungsten-braided tube


HD 3.5 inch TFT screen


Hand-held design

Image Lock

Current image freezing


8G TF card

Data Port

USB port, TV-out port

Remote Connection

Remote connection with PC

Wifi (optional)

Wifi image transmission, support IOS and android system, real-time image display

Protection Level

IP57, waterproof, dustproof


8 languanges (Chinese, English, Russian, etc.)

Working Time

≥4.5 hours




≤0.45kg (with battery)


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Police Videoscope is applied to the security departments like public security,armed police, fire fighting, customs, etc. It is widely used in criminal investigation, explosive removal, security checking, searching for smuggler, searching and rescuing, and other relevant  detection work. It can real-time observe the narrow space and the dark area, take pictures and  videos, as well as long-distance transmit the image to provide intuitive image information for the site of criminal investigation and security checking.

A great innovation in industrial endoscope industry: using consumable material design of insert tube , according to different inspection requirements, users can easily  replace the insertion tube between white light tube and  infrared  thermal  tube, which can greatly reduce the using cost.