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Kinkelder TCT Flying Cut-off SpeedMaster

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SPESIFIKASI Kinkelder TCT Flying Cut-off SpeedMaster

Kinkelder Circular Saw TCT SpeedMaster typical application examples:



Material Specifications


Tensile Strengh


Mill Speed


Cutting Speed


Tooth Load


Blade life


40 x 20 x 3 S355/1020 520 350 450 0,06/0,18 2,5
76 x 4,7 E235 420 90 400 0,06/0,14 7,9
60 x 5 S500MC 500 90 350 0,05/0,15 5,2

LFC recommend Kinkelder TCT SpeedMaster applications for cutting tubes on single and twin flying cut-off machines designed for TCT cutting with small or no ID-scarf, which are compatible for all types of orbital cutting machines, such as MTM, OTO mills, Nakata and Olimpia.


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Flying cut off – Move the limits!

SpeedMaster is a TCT saw blade for flying cut-off applications on tube mills. It provides an opportunity to greatly increase the tube manufacturing line speeds and cut the production costs. Where cutting speed limits of coated HSS saw blades have been reached, SpeedMaster saw blades provide an effective solution.

Kinkelder Circular Saw TCT SpeedMaster Features:

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