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ILIX 6151 - Jobber Drills Standard DIN 338

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ILIX 6151 - Jobber Drills Standard is devised with reinforced morse shank for ISO metric coarse thread with extra long lenght conform with DIN 338. ILIX 6151 is designed with tipping point of 120° from the finest HSS material which is suitable to drill various type of steel and alloy. This classic drill produces higher toughness and aggresive metal removal needed on working on high speed. are applicable for working with both cast iron and non-ferrous materials, such as grey cast iron, spheroidal cast iron and thermoplastics with organic or inorganic fillers.

The selectable diameter of this drill starts from 0,2mm to 25,4mm. You can also opt for a box set version of various diameter with product code: ILIX 6172. The Box set series are offered as a compact and practical set for both mass production line and hobbyist as well. The variations of coating with TiN and TiCN  for your versatile application within a much affordable price.

However, if you are also looking for a complete set of various diameters on a single metal box, you might also wants to consider ILIX 6172 - Jobber Drills Standard Box Set DIN 338


ILIX 6172 - Jobber Drills Standard Box Set DIN 338 Features :