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Ceta Leak Tester LeakCheckerSpot

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SPESIFIKASI Ceta Leak Tester LeakCheckerSpot

Ceta Leak Tester LeakCheckerSpot Ordering Guide:

 Measuring method Detection limit : 10-6 mbar * l/s (optimal configuration), Automated test procedure , Multiple test methods, Selective sampling , Flow rate : 1-3 l/min (optional: 180-700 ml/min), Detectable gases : All reducible and oxidizable gases
Configuration Sensors for pressure, flow, humidity (optional), Running an external test chamber Sensor, heat and valve control Handling via touch screen USB port (optional)
Dimensions 465 mm x 198 mm x 315 mm (B x H x T)
typical areas of application Automotive (e.g. tilt sensors)
  Pharmaceuticals (e.g. inhaler cartridges)
  Cosmetics (e.g. aerosol cans)
  Consumer (e.g. mobile camera lenses)
  Food (e.g. MAP packaging)
Measuring unit (ME) Number of gas sensors, Sensors for pressure, flow, humidity Interface > 2 (depending on application) Optional, Tube - ø 4 mm (other sizes on demand)
Purging unit (PU) Purging gas pressure Interface > Up to 2 bar, Tube - ø 8 mm (other sizes on demand)
Filling unit (FU) Evacuating DUT, Filling DUT with test gas, Purging DUT with compressed air
Filling pressure 0 – 8 bar with interface tube - ø 6 mm

Calibration unit (CU) Pressure on test leak 0,9 – 7 bar
Test leak Include 3-point calibration with Interface Pipe - ø 3 mm

I/O-unit LAN (optional), Proprietary, extensible module interface (on demand), Profibus (optional), Additional automation interfaces (on demand)


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Ceta Leak Tester LeakCheckerSpot is the latest leak testing instrument by CETA to cater the needs for 10-6 mbar * l/s fully automatic working leak tester within the cycle time of the production process. The bench top instrument provide a modular system for leak testing of gas-filed or liquid-filed product packaging and molded components and is usable also for very large systems.

The system’s patented and highly sensitive operating method is based on the detection of gases or vapors evaporating from such packaging or molded parts in case of leakage. If the packaging or molded parts do not already contain gases or vapors, they can be injected as tracer gases prior to leak testing. Furthermore, typical test gases and test vapors are forming gas 95/5 (95% Nitrogen and 5% Hydrogen), alcohols, solvents and other volatile organic gas- and vapor mixtures. A multiphase test sequence containing a reference phase, which suppresses ambient flctuations, enables the detection of leaks up to 10-6 mbar L/s. This makes the LeakCheckerSpot particularly suitable for leak detection on unfilled components and moldings which are subjected to forming gas.

Your smart investment on Ceta Leak Tester LeakCheckerSpot will lead your way to unlocks higher level of precision on faster rate of quality control in mass production system. Your operator can simply follow your parameter of programmable test with pass-faill decision by seeing the measured value on its LCD Screen responsibly. Due to its wider range of measurement and automtic approach, this instrument's versatility is highly regarded by many end user in the fabrication of auto parts, marine instrumentation, Pharmaceuticals (e.g. inhaler cartridges), Cosmetics (e.g. aerosol cans), Consumer (e.g. mobile camera lenses), Food (e.g. MAP packaging), Automotive (e.g. tilt sensors) and many more.


CETA Leak Tester CETATEST XS Features:


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