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CV instruments Portable Brinell Hardness Tester HB120

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SPESIFIKASI CV instruments Portable Brinell Hardness Tester HB120

CV instruments Portable Hardness Tester HB120 Ordering Guide:

Pressure exerted

Up to 3000kgf

Pressure gauge indication

True load and load reached indication

Max specimen height

14inch (20inch optional model)

Max specimen depth

4inch (6inch optional model)

Brinell ball

Standard 10mm - optional 2.5mm -5mm etc


0.5 of 1% of load ASTM/BS certifiable


When quoting a Brinell hardness number (BHN or more commonly HB), the conditions of the test used to obtain the number must be specified. The standard format for specifying tests can be seen in the example "HBW 10/3000". "HBW" means that a tungsten carbide (from the chemical symbol for tungsten or from the Swedish/German name for tungsten, "Wolfram") ball indenter was used, as opposed to "HBS", which means a hardened steel ball. The "10" is the ball diameter in millimeters. The "3000" is the force in kilograms force. Be advised to get the suitable instruments on your application by simply send your inquiry to us

 CV instruments Portable Hardness Tester HB120 Optional Accesories Guide:

• Standard test headCalibrated accurate to 1/2 of 1% load.Releases at 3000kg automatically.Capable of incremental loads.   • Chain adapterUsed for large cylinders it fits onto a standard test head and wraps around specimens that aretoo big for regular tester. High strength chrome/molybdenum steel arms hold the chain to the test head and allow it to stay rigid while the chain takes the full thrust of the load. Supplied with 4" chain  
• Standard test head with long ramSame features as standard test head plus a long ram that puts impression head at end of 2" extension for easy access into recessed areas or over raised edges.   • Base14" base with 14" test height opening and 4" throat is standard. Optional 6" throat with either 14" or 20" test height opening available, 20" base also available with 4" throat and 20" test height opening  
• Low pressure test headApplied load and indicator dial are coordinated for softer metals. Can be calibrated to release at loads of 62-1/2kg, 125kg, 250kg, 500kg, or 1000kg.   • 2.5mm and 5mm ball adapterUsed on softer materials or where a smaller impression is desired  
• Low pressure test head with long ramSame features as low pressure test head plus a long ram that puts impression head at end of 2" extension for easy access into recessed areas or over raised edges.   • Stage micrometerUsed to check calibration of Brinell Microscope by placing the microscope on the stage micrometer and aligning the grid on the stage micrometer with the grid on the microscope.If the grids do not match perfectly, the microscope is out of calibration and should be re-calibrated.Meets ASTM50, and is traceable to NIST standards  
• Adapter to hold test head upright without baseFor testing large flats it enables test heads to be used under large drill presses, boring mills, arbor presses and beams that are capable of withstanding 3000kg load   • Brinell microscopeConstructed from stainless steel, the rugged and optically reliable Brinell microscope is the most versatile on the market today.Featuring a 20x pre-focused lens, the microscope has a narrow nosepiece which easily fits into tight recesses, resulting in less grinding on castings, billets and dies. For added stability when performing flat work, a slip-on base adapter is included. A side opening in the microscope allows plenty of natural light for viewing, and a cordless movable pen light can be used in dim conditions. Calibrated on equipment traceable to NIST standards, the Brinell microscope meets ASTM 5-10 specifications.It is ready to use and comes equipped with a handy storage case  


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CV instruments Portable Hardness Tester is devised as the most practical instrument to measure Brinell scale on working site. This instruments characterizes the indentation hardness of materials through the scale of penetration of an indenter, loaded on a material test-piece. It is one of several definitions of hardness in materials science. Ready-to-test 'King' Brinell Portable Hardness Tester is a lightweight, full load (3000kg) instrument capable of accurately testing a large variety of metal specimens.

The user friendly interface allows your operator for direct approach to measure toughness of a material and the maximum amount of energy it can absorb before fracturing. The testers portability allows it to be used in any plane, conventionally for full load (3000Kg). This classic Brinell tester is also affordable, reliable and widely used by fabricators in defense industry, tool-making, jig and mould, and general engineering which require testing on larger specimen. However, if you are looking for higher accuracy with motorized identation and digital sensory unit, you might also wants to consider CV instruments Brinell Hardness Tester CV-3000LDB


CV instruments Portable Hardness Tester Features: