Vertical - Optical Measurement Scanner Introduced by Sylvac

May 14, 2017   |   In Measurement

Sylvac Scan F60

On metrology exhibition held in Stuttgart from the 9th – 12th May 2017, Sylvac SA introduce the Sylvac Scan F60 which accommodate a measuring range of 60mm diameter and 300mm in length. The new optical scanner will allow you to have a Go/No Go inspection with Non-contact measurement function and scanning speed of 100 mm per second. The integrated calibration master and temperature sensors are also added to compensate the environmental influence to gain the repetitive accuracy.

Established in Switzerland 1969, Sylvac has become the industrial reference for the innovation of extremely high precision dimensional measuring equipment. The latest Sylvac Scan F60 is the world's premier 2.5 D scan machines for the non-contact measurement of cylindrical turned parts with a complete part scan in 3 seconds. Scan F60 works using the drop shadow principle; the device makes an optical scan of the component to produce a highly magnified, high-resolution image, on which it measures dimensions such as lengths, diameters, angles, radii, chamfers, threads, etc. 

Featuring durable enclosure complete with a door and safety light curtain, new camera processor and optics which offer superior image processing, speed and easily calibrated functions, the Swiss made F60 can increase productivity on the most demanding inspection of cylindrical parts; including shafts, turbine blades, camshafts and associated components. To measure a work-piece with Ø0.50-50mm and lenght of 500mm, with profile projector, you may also opt for Sylvac 50 CE Plus (discontinued). 

Sylvac Scan F60

Exclusive Helix Titling System + One button operation

Thanks to its helix tilting system, you can enables sensors to tilt to a 30 degree angle. This feature allow for measurements of threads on fasteners product, taking data on the flank, thread, helical degree and root such as in the inspection of drills or endmill cutting tools as well. 

Just like its predecessor, the renowned “Reflex-Click” technology is also available on Sylvac Scan F60. The operator can have easier learning curve thanks to its auto-part recognition, auto measure and cycle start, all by a push of one button. You can secure your tested specimen by its quick release tooling lever. In addition, the user friendly  software layout offers various features including dust filters, graphical statistics view, and dynamic results for comprehensive analysis which will help you to make inspection report whole alot easier.

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