Launch of new logo

January 05, 2017   |   In Events

The new LFC Logo


“The knowledge of which geometry aims is – the knowledge of the eternal.”   

– Plato

To provide the right solution, we listen to the feedback of customers, collaborate our core technologies with principal products from around the world and review our quality services. We are aware that such efforts are crucial for small companies to survive in the modern era of 4th industrial revolution.

Our passion on precision engineering is reflected by the application of Golden ratio method on the new logo. The combination of Golden Spiral with Golden rectangles which are inspired by great thinkers in history, is actually a naturally occurring phenomenon on the proportions of Nautilus shells, animal horns and sunflower seeds. Fibonacci noticed the mathematical sequence behind The Golden Ratio in his mathematical treatise, Liber Abaci (1202 AD), while Luca Pacioli (1445–1517) – called the golden ratio the “divine proportion” in his Divina Proportione, which was illustrated by Leonardo Da Vinci.

The new LFC’s corporate logo is not an arrangement of separate letters anymore, it is now a holistic symbol of our corporate philosophy and corporate brand as well. Each letters are now simplified and intrinsic. We are using monochrome color pallets of Black, Grey and White to define a balance of transition towards everlasting partnership with familiar industrial outlook.

We are hoping that by using the newly engineered logo and your continued patronage, we can serve you only with a workable solution, have a better growth and defined character that you can always rely on.