HBE Dynamic series from Behringer delivers impressive performance, user convenience and economy

June 02, 2014   |   In Sawing

Behringer's HBE Dynamic series has been heralded as the answer to ever growing market demands for more efficient, more economical and more precise sawing machines. “Increased performance coupled with reduced energy consumption, a smaller footprint, and improved occupational safety without compromising handling simplicity were only part of the product brief for the development team working on this new machine”, recalls CEO Christian Behringer. Available in four model types – 261, 321, 411 and 511 with corresponding cutting ranges – the new HBE Dynamic series will cover a broad application spectrum for the steel trade, for mechanical engineering, tool making and for high-end metalworking shops.    

Impressive economy and minimized noise  

With an outstanding tool life of over 400 sawing cuts in 200 mm dia. 42CrMo4 material, for instance, the new HBE261A Dynamic performs well above standard, taking even the most stringent demands easily in its stride. Playing a key role in this achievement are proven Behringer features such as further improved cutting pressure control, which consistently helps prevent tool overload. A stable saw frame made of vibration-damped grey cast iron and double-sided bearings for the band wheels take care of minimized noise and optimum cutting precision. Tests have revealed increases in tool life of up to 30 per cent, with a visible improvement to the quality of cut surfaces. The inclined position of the band wheels also helps protect the bandsaw blades as a result of reduced flexural stress.     

No-compromise energy efficiency  

Production using minimal resources and efficient, sustainable use of energy are recurring themes which are constantly in the news. Rising energy prices mean that companies are having to rethink their existing processes and develop innovative technological solutions to achieve higher output with lower energy input. “With the new HBE Dynamic series, we are proving that energy efficiency and high-performance hydraulics are not a contradiction in terms”, explains Christian Behringer. With the use of state-of-the-art frequency-controlled drive systems from renowned manufacturers and application-oriented gear speeds, a simple kW motor output specification is no longer any guarantee of high cutting output. In the HBE 261A Dynamic, for instance, a saw drive with 2.6 kW permits high machine throughput coupled with a low energy requirement – adding up to efficient production.       

Functionality and design  

The new full machine enclosure not only ensures compliance with the latest CE guidelines, it also addresses growing demands for user convenience, occupational safety and environmental protection. The benefits speak for themselves: The work environment stays clean, noise is minimized while a large observation window affords an excellent view of the machine. The easy-maintenance concept allows simple saw blade changeover and easy access for maintenance and cleaning work.

Behringer HBE series